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What is white space in web design?
White space or negative space is often the most overlooked and underutilized element, which has the caliber to create great looking web layout. White space is seen as empty space. Those who are not aware with the importance of negative space, often consider it waste of screen space. In contrast to that it is the most valuable part of your design. This is why designers associated with website design company in California love to utilize it to create elegant designs.
Whitespace is the backbone of minimalist design. If you are thinking it’s a white color space on the web page, then let me rectify the concept. In fact it’s a space between graphics, images, columns, text and margins. Designers leave some area untouched while designing a website to create a design with elegant spacing. Their aim is to enhance persuasiveness of layout with simplification and minimalism.  Google home page is perfect example of the use white space to emphasize over the important action of search on their page.

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