Solange-Almeda-Best Songs of When I Get Home-Reaction Review-Project Artwork-Muze On Melody


0:05 KIA MUZE intro, 1:11 Solange @ Essence 2017 w Marching Band, 2:05 This is accessible jazz, 2:55 Solange can get away with alot of things that other artist can't get away with, 5:35 The mood of the album & BLACKPLANET DOSSIER, 6:20 Almeda is best song, 8:39 Stay Flo, 9:24 Beltway, 10:13 My Skin My Logo, 11:49 Dreams, 13:09 Binz, 13:47 We Can Deal With the Freakin, 14:58 Wrap up, US tour stops, Essence, 3 Peice 'N A Biscuit.

KIA MUZE is a singer songwriter actress who has been studying music for decades. Violin from age 5, also plays keys and percussion. DC Youth Orchestra, All State Orchestra -GA, worked for Dallas Austin Rowdy/Arista as a young intern, has performed all over the world in stage productions and television. Now writes and produces for artist and media. Also has a decade of working in music technology.

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